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English Patterns

Knittingpatterns in modern Scandinavian style

Pernille Cordes is a knit and crochet designer who delivers a steady stream of exciting new patterns for knitting, crochet and Tunisian crochet. Shapes and colors look and feel natural, so that you feel comfortable in her designs.


Englegarn deals knitting and crochet patterns for children and adults as well as housing accesories. You can always find great inspiration and new knitting patterns at Englegarn. The products are always high quality -  soft yarn with a high durability and color fastness. Pernille Cordes puts graceful details together with rigorous shapes in a modern and stylish expression that fits in with a modern Scandinavian style.


You can buy our knittingpatterns for download. Englegarn also sells quality yarnkits that contain free knittingpatterns.


If you have any questions about Englegarn's knitting or crochet patterns, you are very welcome to contact Pernille Cordes on mail: info@englegarn.dk


This page is under development - more patterns will be available soon

English Patterns